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Expert medical care you can trust

Find out more about our experienced physicians.

Expert medical care you can trust

Find out more about our experienced physicians.

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Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

We have specialists and Allied Health professionals to assist you. Select the profile of your chosen practitioner for more information and appointment booking details.

Make an appointment

Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

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Why Randwick Specialist Centre?

We are a team of medical experts who pride ourselves on providing a superior level of health care.

Why Randwick Specialist Centre?

We are a team of medical experts who pride ourselves on providing a superior level of health care.

What We Do

Randwick Specialist Centre is dedicated to providing high quality, specialty medical care and advice for individuals and their families or carers.

With a variety of consulting health practitioners, we focus on the following areas



For older patients (or a relative).

For the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, incontinence, Parkinson’s disease, cognitive impairment, degenerative neurological diseases, disordered homestasis, difficulties in movement, overall fraility, and dealing with falls. When necessary we work with relatives for the treatment with a caring and sensitive approach.


For joints, muscles and bones.

Diseases of the joints, muscles and bones including back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, pseudogout, gout, bursitis, epicondylitis, tenosynovitis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, myopathy, Paget’s disease, reactive arthritis, sarcoid, scleroderma,  Sjogren’s syndrome , myositis and more.

Allied Health


Accessing a deeper part of the mind.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy which utilises the fact that the subconscious mind stores every experience a person has had throughout their life. When access is achieved, lasting, healthy change, free of any damaging negative side-effects, can become the client’s new reality. It is an education and communication process that actively includes the client in the healing process.

Vestibular physio

For vertigo, balance and nausea issues

For people suffering from

  • Vertigo, balance issues and nausea
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
  • Unilateral and Bilateral Vestibular Loss (Hypofunction)
  • Balance Disorders and Falls risks
  • Vestibular Migranes
  • Acoustic Neuroma, Meniere’s disease
  • Stroke recovery in the days and ongoing periods


Assessment and treatment through physical means

To improve a patient’s quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis and physical intervention. We treat through massage, exercise, manipulation and other non-invasive treatments. We treat back, sports, injury, disease, illness, ageing and other issues to alleviate pain and restore function.


Clinical Psychology

For behavioural, mental, and emotional issues.

Clinical Neuropsychology

For cognitive/brain disorders


For abuse, trauma, and addictions.


For families, couples and individuals.

Our Experienced Team

Adjunct Professor (UTS) Tuly Rosenfeld MBBS FAAG FRACP

For Appointments:

Call: 9011 6020

Ms Daniela Meinrath BAppSc (Phty) MPh Vestibular Physiotherapist

For Appointments:

Call: 9011 6020

Dr Tasha Kvelde Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist

Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist
For Appointments:

Call: 0413 276 768

Ms Jodi Lonstein Psychotherapist and Counselor

Grad Dip (Psychotherapy), Masters (Counseling & Applied Psychotherapy)
For Appointments:

Call: 0403 079 600
E – Mail:

Ms Agnes Rappaport B.A.(Hons), M.Psychology, MAPS, FCCLPSenior Clinical Psychologist

Senior Clinical Psychologist
For Appointments:

Call: 0414 507 290

Ms Lynne Moore Senior Physiotherapist

For Appointments:

Call: 0414 096 327

Dr Alexandra Capon MBBS (Hons), B.Sci (Med) , FRACPSpecialist Rheumatologist

Specialist Rheumatologist
For Appointments:

Call: 9011 6020

Dr Ted Tsai MB BS/BSci/BA, FRACP, GCertEduRheumatologist

For Appointments:

Call: 9011 6020

Dr Simon Chalkley MBBS PHD FRACP Specialist Geriatrician

For Appointments:

Call: 9011 6020

Dr Janet Baker L.A.C.S.T., M.SC., PhD Speech Pathologist


Dr Anthony Sammel MBBS FRACP Rheumatologist and Vasculitis Specialist

For Appointments:

Call: 9011 6020

Who We Are

We are a team of medical, allied health and therapy/counselling specialists brought together in the one practice. We can plan medical treatment, care, and a rehabilitative regime that address the patient’s health as a whole. Such an approach is the key to the successful treatment or management of a patient’s needs. By understanding the key needs of a patient who may suffer from a range of inter-related conditions, we are able to deliver comprehensive clinical and diagnostic services of exceptional quality.

We are able to provide the very best medical consultancy services for every patient we treat. Our services are provided by compassionate and dedicated medical staff who are well known in their respective fields. Through cultivating a relationship of trust, honesty, mutual respect, equality and ethics we ensure that our patients get what they came for. We aim for the best clinical outcome and patient satisfaction.